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Transitioning to Adulthood

The transition from pediatrics to adulthood between the ages of 18-21 is a vitally important time, with legal factors, insurance evaluations, and medical considerations all at play. There are many steps to navigate as you care for your growing child in order to ensure that they are receiving and will continue to receive everything they need. One of the most important things you can do is educate yourself ahead of time—a task we are here to help you with. The Wave Healthcare team is dedicated to providing the support you need and ensuring the process goes as smoothly as possible when your loved one ages into adult home respiratory care. 

from pediatrics to adult care

from Pediatrics to adulthood

A Transition in Your Family's Home Respiratory Care

Home Respiratory Care with Sail HealthcareFrom the day Wave Healthcare opened its doors and began serving pediatric patients, we established a commitment to helping improve their quality of life over the long term. Our commitment has always been not only to them but to their families and caregivers as well. With that as our inspiration, in 2018, we founded Sail Healthcare, Wave Healthcare’s sister company. Through Sail, families receive the same specialized respiratory care for adult patients that Wave has become known for within the pediatric community.


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Get Started

Find out more about how to begin services (including switching providers) for children under 21, by calling Wave Healthcare at 866-935-WAVE (9283).

For children reaching ages 21 and up, please call Sail Healthcare at 210-201-7245.

We are here to provide you with the support you need so you feel empowered and equipped to face this new chapter of life with confidence and inspiration.