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Respiratory Therapy and Equipment

Inspired by the idea that children belong at home with their families, we have designed our Respiratory Care Program to make that vision a reality for families like yours. Our Respiratory Therapists are exceptional in their field and passionate about giving you the knowledge and confidence to care for your child at home.

Respiratory Care Management

You will have the clinical expertise of a Respiratory Therapist to give you in-home support through scheduled visits, to help you communicate with other members of your child’s medical team, and to make sure you and other caregivers are trained to operate your child’s respiratory equipment with skill and confidence.

Home Medical Equipment and Supplies

We make sure that innovative technology and top of the line equipment is operating safely and effectively according to each child’s individual needs in the home setting. This includes not just operational training for family members and caregivers but maintenance and troubleshooting preparation as well, along with coordinating equipment and supply deliveries/pick-ups or repairs when necessary.

We are here to provide you with the support you need so you feel empowered and equipped to face each new chapter of your child’s life with confidence and inspiration.


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