Masimo Rad-8 Pulse Oximeter

PDF Instruction Manual & Instructional Video

A Pulse oximeter is a device to monitor oxygen saturation and heart rate at home. View and download the Masimo Rad-8 Pulse Oximeter Instruction Manual below. If you do not initially see the PDF file below, please try refreshing the page. Scroll further to view the instructional video.

Video Chapter Breakdown

0:08 – Intro

0:18 – Portability and Charging

0:36 – Turning Your Machine On and Off

1:03 – Purpose of a Pulse Oximeter

1:11 – Parameters and Readings

1:50 – Our RTs Will Program Your Device

2:08 – What You Receive Upon Setup of Your Device

2:30 – Placement of Your Probes is Important

2:37 – Proper Probe Placement for an Adult or Older Child

2:54 – Proper Probe Placement for an Infant

3:29 – Connecting Your Probe to Your Machine

4:08 – What to do if Your Machine is Not Properly Reading Heart Rate or Oxygen Oxygen Saturation

4:17 – Pulse Oximeter Alarms

4:44 – What to do if Repositioning Your Probe Does Not Result in Proper Readings

5:05 – Switching Sensor Sites

5:30 – Replacing the Tape on Your Probe

6:38 – Replace the Probe if You Still Cannot Get a Proper Reading

6:44 – Please Call Us for More Information