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Pediatric Home Respiratory and Nutritional Care for Children

Wave Healthcare is a top-tier pediatric DME in Texas, and we are proud to offer the best Pediatric Home Respiratory and Nutritional Care for children. We also provide incomparable support to parents and caregivers, because we understand the families we serve face intimidating obstacles alongside their little ones. We know that when your child is transitioning home from the hospital, there are complicated care networks to navigate and complex pediatric medical equipment to operate.

Working through these concerns can seem overwhelming. But these difficulties don’t have to keep your family from living a full and happy life together at home. With hands-on care by licensed respiratory therapists, state-of-the-art pediatric medical equipment, and 24/7 support, our team is here to help.

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Care, Support, and Education

The Best Pediatric DME in Texas

When your child is going home on a ventilator, it helps to know you have a knowledgeable, caring team to assist you and your family. Wave Healthcare has been supporting and educating parents and caregivers like you for years. We offer family training for home ventilation, children’s enteral nutrition care at home, and more. Combining creative technology and collaborative community, Wave is leading the way in inspiring care for children and their families.


Instruction Guides | Videos | Patient & Family Resources

Here at Wave, we want to ensure you and your child have a healthy, happy homecare environment. So in addition to the personal medical-equipment-training our team provides, we have compiled these resources to assist you.

Here, you will find: 

  • Equipment instruction guides.
  • Instructional & troubleshooting videos for your child’s medical devices.
  • A list of additional family and patient resources, including organizations that offer additional support to help you and your little one thrive at home.

Our respiratory therapists are licensed experts in pediatric respiratory care and equipment. They will ensure your family receives the tools, education, and support necessary for your child’s transition from the hospital to the home. From children’s tracheostomy supplies, to pediatric home ventilators, training sessions, and more.

Inspiring better healthcare for those we serve involves recognizing the nutritional problems that can accompany respiratory issues. Our registered dietitians are always available to provide individual support. Whether you’re looking for children’s nutritional therapy at home, enteral nutrition equipment, or educational resources.

In 2018, we were inspired to start Sail Healthcare, a sister company which provides adult health services. In doing so, it was our particular desire to provide continued support to existing Wave patients turning 21, assisting their families and caregivers with the transition from pediatric care into adulthood.

Pediatric Medical Equipment Pediatric DME in Texas
Respiratory and Nutritional Care for Children
Pediatric Home Respiratory and Nutritional Care for Children

We are here to provide you with the support you need so you feel empowered and equipped to face each new chapter of your child’s life with confidence and inspiration.

Respiratory and Nutritional Care for Children Pediatric Medical Equipment

In 2007, owner Rodney Gray was inspired to take his passion as a Pediatric Respiratory Therapist a step further. He saw an opportunity to help families like yours safely navigate the transition from hospital to home, where children can thrive surrounded by their loved ones. Years later, we offer our services throughout Texas. And we celebrate the inspiration we have received from each child we have served and are grateful to the parents and caregivers who have put their trust in us and allowed us to grow with their children!