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Pediatric Respiratory and Nutritional Home Care Services

Easing hospital to home transitions for families

Inspired by the belief that children with serious health challenges deserve to thrive at home with their families, Wave Healthcare offers extensive pediatric respiratory and nutritional home care services across the state of Texas.

Pediatric Respiratory and Nutritional Home Care Services with Wave Healthcare

Pediatric respiratory therapy and equipment

Wave Healthcare provides the clinical expertise, resources, and state-of-the-art pediatric respiratory equipment to safely and effectively meet each individual child’s needs. Our Respiratory Therapists are exceptional in their field and passionate about giving families the knowledge and confidence to move forward with their child’s home respiratory care.

Pediatric Respiratory and Nutritional Home Care Services with Wave Healthcare

Pediatric Nutritional Care and Equipment

The Wave Healthcare team knows that children with chronic respiratory issues often require unique enteral nutrition care, as well. Our registered dietitian is available to families like yours, ensuring your child’s specific nutritional needs are being met and empowering you to care for them in a healthy home environment.

transitioning to adulthood

The transition from pediatric care to adult care can be difficult to navigate. Our team at Wave Healthcare ensures families and caregivers have the support they need during this vitally important time. And our sister company, Sail Healthcare, is ready to offer continued healthcare and equipment as your child turns 21.

We are here to provide you with the support you need so you feel empowered and equipped to face each new chapter of your child’s life with confidence and inspiration.


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