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Instructional & Troubleshooting Videos

At Wave Healthcare, we pride ourselves on offering families and caregivers top-notch educational services. Our expert RTs and Dietitians provide the best training for respiratory and enteral medical equipment to help you and your child succeed in a homecare setting.

Now, we want to take our educational support a step further. We have begun producing a series of educational videos designed to help keep proper equipment procedures fresh in caregivers’ minds. Furthermore, these videos should help answer questions that may come up while using different medical devices.

Oxygen Concentrators — Video

Wave Healthcare utilizes a number of different oxygen concentrators to meet our patients needs. 

All of our various concentrator units have the same general setup and guidelines for use. In this video, we demonstrate setup, use, and troubleshooting for the Everflo O2 Concentrator, but you can follow the same instructions for other machines, as well.

Chapter Breakdown

0:00 – Intro

0:24 – Oxygen Concentrator Overview

1:29 – Setting Up Your Concentrator with a Nasal Cannula

3:34 – Setting Up Your Concentrator with a Ventilator

4:10 – Using Your Oxygen Concentrator

5:29 – Troubleshooting