Marilyn Oviedo

Non Invasive Compliance Coordinator RRT-NPS, RCP

Marilyn Oviedo best known by her nickname… “MO” has been a Respiratory Therapist for 47 years. Thirty years ago she worked with the founder of Wave Healthcare, Rodney Gray, on his very first home care ventilator patient. Marilyn found working with children at home very rewarding & has been dedicated to home care ever since. Marilyn’s primary experience has been in Neo-Natal and Pediatric care. First at Santa Rosa Children’s Hospital & later on the Opening Team of the newly formed Methodist Children’s Hospital. She remained in both the Neo-Natal & Pediatric ICU through much of her twenty-two years at Methodist Hospital. She was on the first Children’s Hospital Transport Team and was on that team for 10 years. She began working in Pediatric Homecare part-time & found working with children & their families so fulfilling that she eventually transitioned to Pediatric Home Care as her primary job. “There is something to be said about getting to know your families & helping them learn the best way to care for their child. You all become members of a team for this child & develop a close relationship. I have had the privilege of knowing and caring for some of my patients since they were little “preemies” in the NICU. I then watched them transition to Adult care at the age of 21. I have learned so much from these Children & their AMAZING FAMILIES. They are truly extraordinary!”